What to do if the payment is rejected?

Sometimes it is very quick and easy to understand why a payment was declined.

Here are some things to check:

  • Have you completed your profile at 100%? (upgraded to premium)
    Meaning you have successfully completed all verification steps (validated ID, verified postal address or liveliness detection/selfie).
    It is necessary to complete these steps in order to fully utilize your PCS card. This will allow you to use your card on the entire Mastercard network and have higher limits.
    If you have not completed your profile 100% and need help, click here.
  • Is your balance sufficient?
    Your card is prepaid, which means that it is impossible to overdraw. All you have to do is reload it to use it.
  • Are you sure your card is not locked?
    For security reasons, you can lock your card by text message or from your mobile app. If your card is locked you cannot use it. Unlock it and use it!
  • Did you type in the right PIN code or fill in the right information when making an online payment?
    If your PIN code is wrong, you will not be able to withdraw money. If you need help asking for a new PIN code click here.

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