Who are we?


CreaCard SA offers Mastercard® reloadable prepaid payment solutions through its brand Prepaid Cash Services “PCS”.

Since the harmonization of the European financial law and particularly the entry into force of the SEPA law in November 2009, it is now possible for a company respecting the legal framework and its constraints, to market payment cards. With more than 20 years of experience in the banking sector, CreaCard’s team approached a specialized financial institution and Mastercard® to offer its prepaid solutions through its dedicated platform.

In a rapidly evolving market, CreaCard offers innovative, simple, accessible and secure solutions.

For more information about CreaCard, please visit: www.creacard.net


Product innovation

PCS Mastercard® payment cards are available without a bank account, without commitment, and can be used to pay and withdraw money on the entire Mastercard® network worldwide.

Since its launch, the range of PCS Mastercard® cards has grown to meet the needs of our customers:

Virtual Card


More than 650,000 users have trusted us since our launch in 2010 and our products are sold in a network of more than 35,000 outlets.


Because safety is important to us, all PCS Mastercard® cards are secure:

A personal PIN code known only to you and to be kept carefully,
The security of the sums paid: your money is secured on an escrow account blocked at our issuer. This money is not used for speculation, it is a legal obligation,
The possibility to block your card: the money is not physically on the PCS card. Therefore, if you lose your card, you just have to block the card and you will be able to recover your balance.
Services for companies

CreaCard is also a Program Manager and can therefore offer companies customized management solutions:

B2B: possibility to create customized prepaid programs and services: youth card, white label cards, …
Corporate: a corporate payment card and a mobile application to better manage employees’ expense reports and even recover VAT,
Everissime: an incentive card for companies that want to reward their employees, customers or partners.

For more information on our solutions for businesses, visit:www.creacard.net

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