Our prepaid payment cards

Our rechargable payment cards

Rechargeable prepaid cards allow you to make purchases with a pre-credited amount of money that cannot be exceeded. Unlike a credit card, the prepaid payment card avoids any indebtedness.

PCS offers prepaid cards that are fully secure, ergonomic and very easy to use. They require no subscription or bank account. Here's everything you need to know about rechargeable prepaid cards.

What is a rechargeable payment card?

Accessible to all persons over the age of 18, the rechargeable payment card has a defined amount. With it, all kinds of purchases can be made, whether online or in any shop.

The prepaid credit card is topped up in the same way as a blocked telephone package: it is impossible to spend more than the planned amount and therefore no risk of overdraft!

Where can I use a rechargeable prepaid card?

Once your profile is 100% verified, you can use your rechargeable prepaid card in many situations. In the case of the PCS prepaid card, you can make purchases :

  • In the vast majority of stores, structures and services;
  • Abroad as primary or secondary means of payment;
  • Online on all kinds of stores, services, online games and sports betting.

Please note: there are some dematerialized prepaid cards, which are reserved for online purchases. They have the advantage of being cheaper than physical cards! In addition, the prepaid card is particularly interesting in the context of gambling, since it will allow you to control your spending without being attached to your bank account.

Rechargeable payment card: what are its advantages?

Buying a rechargeable prepaid card has many advantages. First of all, since you won't be able to spend more than the amount available, you won't run the risk of going overdrawn! This represents an additional security, especially if you use your card abroad.

No proof of income is required to purchase a prepaid blue card. Since it is not a credit card, you can get this type of card regardless of your income and management! There are other advantages to using a prepaid MasterCard:

  • The ability to own a debit card quickly and easily;
  • In case of loss, you can lock your card by text message or from your customer area;
  • The confidentiality of your personal information when buying online.

Where to find a rechargeable prepaid card?

The rechargeable prepaid payment card can be purchased in a newsagent's, a tobacco shop or directly on the brand's website.

PCS offers rechargeable prepaid cards for all your needs: online shopping, in-store shopping, international travel, etc. PCS rechargeable payment cards have many advantages. Among them are:

  • Enhanced security with the 3-D Secure protocol;
  • Total autonomy in the management of operations;
  • The ability to lock and unlock your card;
  • The possibility to pay without contact with the card.

To meet all your expectations, PCS offers 4 types of cards, available from 4.99 €:

  • The PCS Chrome, which has a ceiling of €6,500 with 1 year of validity;
  • The PCS Virtual Card, dematerialized, with a ceiling of 10 000 € and a duration of 2 years;
  • The PCS Black, which has a ceiling of 10 000 € with 2 years of validity;
  • The PCS Absolut, which has a ceiling of 10 000 € with 3 years of validity;

How does the rechargeable payment card work?

The PCS payment card allows you to make all kinds of purchases on the Mastercard network, and works in the same way as a bank card. You are just as free! The only difference is that the amount available is prepaid and cannot be exceeded, unlike a credit card. It is therefore impossible to get into debt with a rechargeable prepaid card.

By purchasing a PCS Prepaid Rechargeable Card, you will also get a personalized RIB that will allow you to receive money and make transfers. To get a PCS Prepaid Blue Mastercard, simply follow these steps:

  • Buy the physical or dematerialized card online or at a tobacco shop;
  • Activate the rechargeable prepaid card with a text message;
  • Use an ID to create your PCS account with ease;
  • Top up your card as soon as you need it (by transfer, credit card or cash);
  • Manage your PCS account independently and in a very simple way.

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