Carte PCS Black

PCS Black Card

The prepaid card that accompanies you with all your daily spendings!

  • 10 000 € maximum card balance
  • 2 years validity


I'm buying this card

Looking for an everyday card with an elegant design?

For your daily spendings, shopping, leisure or to spend time with family and friends, choose the reloadable payment card PCS Black! Your prepaid card that accompanies you with all your spendings while guaranteeing secure payments without exceeding your budget."

We explain everything

Discover the world of PCS Black! Whether you are banned from holding a bank account, family or allocation, PCS Black enables you to pay online and in-store in France and abroad. This reloadable card accessible to everyone will become your daily partner.

What do you need to know ?

And after purchasing my card, what do I do?

In order to activate your prepaid PCS card and obtain your PIN code, send PIN (space) then the last 8 digits on your card to 06 01 78 78 78. You can then create your username and password allowing you to access “My Account”. From here you will be able to manage your operations in total autonomy.

What should I do to use all the features of my card?

After activating your PCS card and creating your account on “My Account”, remember to upload an ID and then validate the secret code that you will receive at your home. Without this, you will only be able to use your card partially.

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