Carte PCS Infinity

PCS Absolut Card

The account ABSOLUTely for everyone!

  • 10 000 € maximum card balance
  • 3 years validity


Opt for a PCS Absolut account!

The PCS Absolut account is easy to use and without commitment.

No headache, you can recharge it in a tobacco shop or from your personal space at your own pace.

Spend online or in-store and manage your account independently from your MyPCS app.

The Absolut card has everything of a high-end product except the price! For only €3.50 per month, you can benefit from all the options we offer in order to make your daily life easier. Direct debit, transfers, management by text message, IBAN ... And all this, without any additional fees!

You absolutely must have it!

We explain it all to you!

Discover the world of the PCS Absolut account:

  • Absolutely no constraints
  • Absolutely easy to use
  • Absolutely convenient
  • Absolutely for you

  • Think big and opt for the PCS Absolut account!

    What is there to know?

    And after buying my Absolut card, what do I do?

    You must activate your Absolut PCS card and obtain your PIN code by sending PIN [space] and the last 8 digits of your PCS card to 07 50 50 55 05. You will then be able to create your “My account” space from or the MyPCS mobile app. It is from this space that you will be able to manage your PCS Absolut account in total autonomy.

    How do I use the full functionality of my card?

    Once your card has been activated and your account created, don’t forget to verify your identity by uploading your ID from your “My Account” web space or via your MyPCS mobile app. This will allow you to fully use your PCS Absolut account.

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