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In order to activate the biometric authentication, you just have to connect to your MyPCS mobile application and enter the menu on the top right

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Then click on “Security”.

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Then you will just have to activate the “Biometric Authentication” option by pressing the button and it will turn green.

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Once the option is activated and the next time you log in to your MyPCS app, you will be asked to put your fingerprint in order to register it.

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Biometrics allows the identification and authentication of a person based on recognizable and verifiable data, which are unique to that person.

At PCS we offer biometric identification via your fingerprint. If you wish and your phone allows it, you can register your fingerprint to log in to your account. You will need to activate this feature on your mobile application.

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Yes, PCS has its own mobile application “MyPCS Mobile“.

With it you will be able to :

  • View your transactions
  • View your card information
  • Make transfers
  • Reload your card
  • And much more!

The MyPCS app is available on Android and IOS and can be downloaded for free from your smartphone stores.

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My mobile app 7

Learn more about the MyPCS Mobile app here.

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