How to share funds between PCS cards

You can share fun between PCS cards. That option is free !

  1. Connect to your "My account" space on or on your MyPCS mobile app then go to the "Fund sharing" space.
On your "My account" web space, you will find that option on the left menu, under "Share funds".
On your MyPCS mobile app, you will find that option on the "Send" menu, then under "Share funds".

2. Then, enter the amount you wish to send and enter the PCS card you wish to send funds to.

3. If you don't have any PCS beneficiaries yet, you can click on the "Enter a card" button to add a new PCS beneficiary.

4. Then follow the steps to add your new PCS beneficiary. A confirmation text message will be sent to validate the addition of this new beneficiary.

5. You will then simply have to choose the PCS beneficiary you wish to send funds to. Then validate the transaction by entering your 6-digit secret code that you use to log into your "My Account" space.

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