Top up my PCS card by top up coupon

You can top up your PCS card with top up vouchers. To do this:

1) Go to a any sales point. The complete list of PCS sales points can be found here
2) Buy a top up voucher by card or cash at an amount of 20 to 250€.
3) Log in to "My Account" on our website or our mobile app MyPCS

From our website MyPCS: go to the menu "Top up my card" then "PCS top up voucher". Enter the code (10 characters) written on the top up voucher.

From the mobile app MyPCS: go to the menu "Top up" then enter the code (10 characters written on the top up voucher) in the voucher box.

Please note, PCS vouchers are only a means of recharging for PCS customers.

Under no circumstances should PCS vouchers be used as a means of payment on classified ad websites for example.

Never share voucher numbers with virtual friends or on social media. Malicious people could use it withour your permission.