PCS Virtual Card

  • How do I activate my PCS Virtual Card?

To activate your card and get your PIN code, simply send the following text: the letters PIN followed by a space, then the last 8 digits on your PCS card to 06 01 78 78 78.

Example: PIN 12345678

  • How do I lock/unlock my PCS Virtual Card?

Are you not going to use your card for a while? For more safety, remember to lock it!

From your mobile app: go to the "Card" menu and in the "Features" section check the "Lock card" option. This option is free, instant and unlimited.

You don't have an Internet access? You can also lock your card by text message by sending the following tex message: VERR followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card to 06 01 78 78 78.

Example: VERR 5678

  • The costs of my PCS Chrome card

You will find all the costs related to the use of your card by clicking here

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