I can't create my PCS username and/or password

My password:
In order to secure your PCS "My Account" space, we'll ask you for several prerequisites to choose your password. Here they are:
• It has between 8 and 20 characters (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, special characters amongst £ $ % & * _ @ ! -)
• Does not have the same character 3 times in a row
• Does not have a space
• Contains a lowercase
• Contains an uppercase
• Contains a number
• Contains a special character (£ $ % & * _ @ ! -)
• Identical passwords

In order to help you, as you enter your password we will indicate in green when a criteria is met. When a criteria is missing, it remains in red.

We will later ask you to write this password again to make sure that you have it right and that there have are no typos. These 2 passwords must be identical.

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