Which credit card should I use if I am banned from having a bank account?

Which credit card should I use if I am banned from having a bank account? 2

Following the issuance of bad checks or large unpaid amounts, you find yourself in a banking ban situation? The bank has confiscated all your usual means of payment: checkbook and credit card. You are wondering how to continue paying by card when you are registered with the Banque de France? Don’t panic: there are solutions! In this article, discover all the details about credit cards for people who are not allowed to use them and our advice on how to make the best use of them.

The different types of cards available to bankrupts

There are two main categories of payment cards that can be used by people without a credit card.

The prepaid payment card

The prepaid payment card, also known as a reloadable card, is an immediate debit card that is not linked to any bank account. As its name suggests, it can be reloaded as needed and allows you to make payments online or in physical stores, as well as withdrawals, in France and abroad.
Unlike a credit card, there is no advance payment and no credit check. You can only pay with the amount of money you have placed on the card. This blue card, which is ideal for people who are not allowed to use a bank card, gives you the possibility to manage your payments freely and independently without any risk of overdraft! You can reload the card by bank transfer or by buying reload coupons in tobacconists’ shops or on the Internet.

The systematic authorization debit card

The systematically authorized debit card is another category of card recommended for people who are registered with the Banque de France. This type of card is offered by most banks to their customers who are not allowed to use them. Unlike reloadable payment cards, these cards are linked to a bank account, but can only be used if there is enough money in the account at the time of payment or withdrawal. Otherwise, the card cannot be used.
These debit cards are designed to eliminate the risk of misuse and overdraft while allowing the customer to remain linked to a bank account. However, they do not allow for online purchases, highway tolls, rental agencies or some gas stations. Some merchants refuse to accept this type of card, as the bank is questioned before each payment is validated.

How can I use a prepaid card if I am not allowed to use my bank account ?

If you are looking for a bank for people who have been banned from banking, you should know that few of them will agree to open a new account for you if you are registered with the Banque de France. You represent too great a risk for these establishments. Buying a prepaid payment card is the best and most affordable alternative.
The prepaid payment card is one of the best cards compatible with the bank ban. There are both physical and virtual cards. The latter are cheaper to buy, but can only be used in online stores.
You can use a reloadable card in the same way as a regular payment card, as long as you have enough money on it beforehand. When you make a payment or withdrawal, the merchant deducts the amount of the product purchased from your balance on the card in real time.
Prepaid payment cards have maximum reload limits of up to several thousand euros. For example, Mastercard prepaid cards allow you to top up your balance up to €10,000! These cards also include contactless payment and 3D Secure.

Where can I buy a prepaid payment card for people who are banned from having a bank account?

Would you like to use a prepaid payment card to manage your payments during your ban? These reloadable cards are granted on simple request, without any income requirement and without any commitment.

You can buy a reloadable payment card:

  • At certain banks, even if you are banned from banking;
  • Online at certain distributors and services such as PCS;
  • In supermarkets;
  • In tobacco shops.

The activation of a prepaid payment card usually requires an identity document. These cards can be used anonymously, but can also be associated with your name and a bank account number. This option allows you, for example, to receive transfers (salaries, social benefits or others) directly to recharge your card.

You will have understood: if you are deprived of a credit card for one reason or another, the reloadable payment card is an excellent solution. The prepaid card remains one of the best types of blue cards to use in case of a bank ban since it offers you great autonomy and eliminates any risk of being overdrawn! Without any commitment, it can also be deactivated at any time, free of charge.

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