Which prepaid card allows me to have a French IBAN?

Which prepaid card allows me to have a French IBAN? 2

Did you know that you don’t have to have a bank account to receive transfers? Some prepaid cards allow you to receive your salary, social benefits and one-time transfers without being linked to any bank. To do so, they must be accompanied by a bank statement (RIB). How do I get a prepaid payment card with a French IBAN? What are the advantages of such a card? Find out everything you need to know on the subject in this article.

How does a prepaid card work?

Also known as a reload card, the prepaid payment card with (or without) RIB is a means of payment accessible to everyone, without income requirements and without commitment.

Prepaid card: a card without a bank account

The reloadable card is a card with systematic authorization, offered by certain banks and specialized suppliers. What makes it special? It is not linked to any bank account and can be reloaded according to your needs. Its use is then limited to the balance previously loaded on the card. Once this balance is over, the card must be reloaded with money to be usable again. You can recharge your prepaid card by bank transfer, credit card or by recharge coupons. The latter can be purchased online or in tobacco shops.

A secure and independent payment method

Reloadable prepaid cards eliminate the risk of overdraft and allow you to manage your money independently. Each time you make a payment or withdrawals, the available balance on the card is debited in real time. If the amount loaded on the card is less than the value of your expenses, then it is blocked. This means you can’t go over your budget and risk overdrafting!

If you want to have an account without a bank to make your payments, withdrawals and transactions, the prepaid reloadable card is the ideal solution. Available online, in supermarkets and at tobacconists, it is accessible to everyone, including people who are not allowed to use their bank account.

There are different types of prepaid cards:

  • The prepaid bank card with IBAN;
  • The virtual prepaid card (dematerialized and usable only online).

How to get a prepaid bank card with an IBAN?

You can easily find prepaid cards with an IBAN in tobacco shops, in some supermarkets as well as in online providers such as PCS. This is a service that offers several models of prepaid Mastercard, which you can personalize with your name and associate with a French RIB personalized in your name.

To obtain a prepaid bank card with an IBAN, you need to provide an ID when you buy it, as well as, most often, a proof of address. You will then receive your bank statement by e-mail, which you can then send to the organizations or people who owe you money.

Once you have your prepaid card in hand, all you have to do is activate it by loading money for the first time to make :

  • Your online payments ;
  • Your payments in stores;
  • Your money transfers in France and abroad;
  • Your withdrawals;
  • And to receive transfers.

Why use a prepaid bank card with an IBAN?

Whether you are banned from banking or simply want to manage your money independently of banks, opting for a prepaid card with a French IBAN offers many advantages. It eliminates any risk of overdraft since, without a sufficient balance, it is blocked and does not allow any payment or withdrawal.

If you receive a salary and/or social benefits without having a bank account, using a reloadable card with an IBAN is an excellent solution to receive your money by transfer to your unbanked account.

Having a bank statement (RIB) is indeed essential to receive transfers from certain organizations and companies.

The prepaid bank card with an IBAN has the particularity of allowing you to receive your salary and/or your allowances (RSA, family allowances, bonuses…), without having to open a bank account. All you have to do is send your RIB to your employer and/or to the social organizations on which you depend. Your balance is then automatically topped up each month on your prepaid card. If necessary, you can then top up your balance as you wish.

As an alternative to a bank account, the prepaid payment card offers you all the advantages of a classic payment card with, as a bonus, the freedom and autonomy you need. Many providers offer this type of card today. Take the time to make a comparison (rates, options…) before choosing the reloadable card with an IBAN that suits you best.

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