Which card is not linked to a bank account?

Which card is not linked to a bank account? 2

The credit card is the most convenient and preferred payment solution. It is usually issued by banks, in association with an account. But did you know that there is another type of card that does not require the opening of a bank account? It is the prepaid card. What are the advantages of a card without an account? How to get and use it? All the answers here!

The prepaid card: the queen of cards without bank accounts

Are you looking for freedom and independence and are you looking for a payment card that suits you? Think of the prepaid card! Also known as a rechargeable card, this payment card is not linked to any bank account. With no commitment and no income requirements, the prepaid card works like an instant debit card, based on a sum of money previously loaded on it. This no-account card allows you to pay in physical stores or to shop online, but also to withdraw money from ATMs. All this wherever you are: in France, but also abroad!

With a rechargeable payment card, you are in control of your money and only use what you have. It’s up to you to top it up according to your needs!
There are physical and electronic prepaid cards. The latter are cheaper to buy, but you can only pay for them in online stores.

Why use a card without an account?

There are many advantages to choosing a prepaid card! This type of card is particularly practical:

  • For people who are banned from banking;
  • For those who want to have free and independent management of their money.

With the rechargeable payment card, say goodbye to overdraft stress! This card does not involve any advance of funds and allows you to pay only according to the money you have placed on it. So there are no surprises when you go to the cash register: you know exactly what your payment options are! You set the terms!

Are you never comfortable shopping online and are you afraid of fraud? The no-account card takes that worry away from you too! Independent, not linked to any bank and with a maximum balance, the prepaid card eliminates any risk of online piracy.

And that’s not all! Prepaid cards offer you the same level of security as traditional credit cards, if not more. They can be locked and unlocked whenever you want and benefit from 3D Secure.

How to use a card without an account?

To use your prepaid card, you must first put money on it by transfer or by buying recharge coupons. The latter are available in tobacconists, on the Internet and in some supermarkets.

Once activated and topped up, nothing could be easier! The prepaid card is used in the same way as a classic payment card. You can :

  • Make withdrawals ;
  • Transfers;
  • Money transfers abroad;
  • Payments in stores;
  • Online payments;
  • Receive money.

At the time of transaction, the amount of your purchase (or withdrawal or transfer) is deducted in real time from the balance of money on your card.

You have the option of using a no-account card anonymously, or personalizing it with your name (usually free, especially with the prepaid Mastercard). Personalizing your card allows you to obtain an IBANand therefore to receive transfers directly on it to top up your balance, notably your salary or your social benefits.

Finally, you should also know that depending on the distributor and the model of the card chosen, you are subject to a limited top up limit. It can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand (up to €10,000 with the PCS card!).

Where to buy prepaid bank cards?

So you’re wondering how to get a card without an account? You should know that they are accessible to everyone and very simple to obtain! With no commitment and no income term, they involve a purchase price and a small monthly management fee. However, if your card is inactive or the balance is at 0, no management fees will be charged.

You can buy your prepaid card on the Internet from specialized sites (neo-banks and distributors like PCS) but also in supermarkets and tobacco shops! You will need an ID to purchase and activate the card. Some banks also offer rechargeable prepaid cards, accessible to people who are not allowed to use them…

The no account prepaid card is the ideal payment solution for people who are not allowed to use their bank account or simply for those who want to manage their money in a different way, without the risk of overdraft! It can be used in addition to a bank card or exclusively, offering freedom, security and financial autonomy.

Which card is not linked to a bank account? 3

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