Deposit your credit card to play online

Deposit your credit card to play online 2

Are you a fan of online gambling, but going through a difficult financial period? Did you know that even if you are not allowed to use a bank account, you can still make online purchases and much more… with rechargeable payment cards? These cards allow you to make contactless payments in stores, or make transactions abroad. Here’s how to get a reloadable payment card and how to use it for online betting.

What is online betting?

The phenomenon of online betting is growing in France, mainly since 2010. Indeed, that year, the market of the so-called “online” games opens to competition. Despite the monopoly of the FDJ and PMU, other operators are now offering their own online betting platform. Moreover, in 2010, the soccer World Cup took place in South Africa, making the phenomenon even more viral!

The online betting phenomenon

The principle of betting platforms is very simple: you bet a sum of money on the victory of a sportsman or a team, or the drawing of a number.
Sports betting is the most popular form of betting around the world, and it brings together a large number of enthusiasts. No sport escapes it! Horse racing, tennis competitions, soccer, the Olympic Games and much more. However, the phenomenon does not stop with sports fans. Online, it is possible to bet on all kinds of card games and games of chance, such as poker.

What are the consequences of online betting?

Although every event or competition has its winners, many people lose their bets.
If you are a Sunday bettor, if your bets are reasonable and within your budget, the consequences of your losses are not necessarily significant. However, some bettors are able to gamble a lot of money despite the risk of losing everything. Among the many consequences of online gambling, you can also find: isolation, debt, bank ban…

Betting online without a bank card is possible!

To limit the debt of these passionate bettors, there is a solution allowing a better control of his budget: prepaid bank cards!

Get a prepaid payment card

To get a prepaid card, you just have to create an account on a specialized platform or in a point of sale in France or in the French overseas departments and territories.
You will then be offered several types of rechargeable cards, depending on your needs and consumption habits. To benefit from a Mastercard prepaid card, you will be asked for a valid identity card. Please note that these rechargeable cards are not authorized for minors.
Once you have acquired your prepaid card, you determine the amount of money you want to use, which will then be credited directly from your bank account: you can recharge it with the desired amount or with a recharge coupon that you can buy at a tobacconist’s. This way, you will not be overdrawn, because the payment is refused if the amount of the card is lower than the value of the purchase.

The Virtual Card prepaid card

Among the prepaid cards available on the market, the Virtual Card is the only one that is exclusively reserved for online purchases. If you are a sports betting fan and you want to keep control of your budget, this card is just what you need!
Totally dematerialized, this card is not linked to any bank account, avoiding any risk of indebtedness. In addition, all the steps and transactions are completely secure. You can play, bet and spend online with complete peace of mind!

Betting online with your prepaid payment card

Since the opening to competition in 2010, online betting platforms have multiplied. And, even if you don’t have a bank card, you can play for money with prepaid cards.
The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Register to the platform by creating your player account;
  • Register your bank card or prepaid payment card, which is also accepted;
  • Deposit the desired amount of money;
  • Play by betting.

What precautions should be taken when betting online?

In order to avoid financial problems for the players, some platforms require the players to define :

  • A weekly deposit limit on the player’s account;
  • A weekly betting limit;
  • An amount beyond which the player wishes to recover their winnings.

When depositing money into your player account, be sure to respect the minimum amount accepted as well as the currency requested. For example, bets made on the Betclic website are only possible in euros.
In addition, in order to encourage players to sign up, many operators offer special offers, promotions and even bonuses for their first bet. So always make sure that you are aware of all the terms and conditions that apply in order to benefit from the offer. We would also like to remind you that French law prohibits all gambling by minors.
Finally, if you have any questions about the use of your money on the online platform, it is strongly recommended that you read the terms of use.

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